19 de octubre de 2008

DNA Production - Discos a la fecha

Obozdur - "Two Different Parts Of One Day"
Cat.# ... DNA 25
Release Date ... 11.10.2008
Genre ... Experimental Ambient, Post Industrial
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps / FLAC
Size ... 55Mb / 113Mb

Vitaly Maklakov's Obozdur presents another work that inherits all Obozdur's features like multidimentional sound layers, fine work with micronoises, plenty of different sound materials harmoniously combined with each other, whimsicality and non-linear composition.

But 'Two Different Parts Of One Day' has its own key feature.
Strong dub influence and accurate rhythm structures discover the new side of Obozdur's balance on the edge between experimental ambient and post industrial. That surprising combination directs dark and anxious Obozdur music at the contrary vector to the positive calm side full of meditative loops and relaxing slow rhythms.
Artwork by Vitaly Maklakov.

CrepusculaR - "Chromgneticgnosis"
Cat.# ... DNA 24
Release Date ... 29.09.2008
Genre ... Dark Ambient
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 75Mb

New CrepusculaR work paints a New Gray World in colours of dark pulsating multilayer ambient with inhumanly abstract rusty sound. Argentinian industrial maestro returns with cutting-edge dark ambient material.

GTI & Obozdur - "Свалка Бетонных Изделий"
Cat.# ... DNA 23
Release Date ... 20.09.2008
Genre ... Dark Ambient, Noise
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 43Mb

This russian projects GTI and Obozdur collaborative work results in explosive blend of dark ambient and noise with dense and rich sound.

Письма С Изнанки - "Бездна детства"
Cat.# ... DNA 22
Release Date ... 9.09.2008
Genre ... Dark Ambient
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 48Mb

Theme of the album is child encountering death.
At first he senses it vaguely like a deja vu in a hustle of an early morning, on his way to school at predawn hours, in the cold air after the warmth of his bed; he feels it's intangible presence in dark corners of his room and his heart fills with primordial fear. And then death comes into his home and he sees it in its greatness and horror.
Recorded in 2007. Mastered by Seclorum.

Kromeshna - "Mixed Technique"
Cat.# ... DNA 21
Release Date ... 25.08.2008
Genre ... Dark Ambient, Post Industrial
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 69Mb

This is live recording made during sound performance at creative works party "Image and sound" that taken place on 8th January 2006 at School of Arts ?1, Kamensk-Uralsky, Russia.
All sounds by
Vitaly Maklakov
Evgeny Afanasiev
Roman Bondarev.
Archive live recording with minimal post-production made by Kromeshna mastermind Vitaly Maklakov.
Artworks by Vitaly Maklakov.

Various Artists - "Spiral II"
Cat.# ... DNA 20
Release Date ... 15.03.2008
Genre ... Drone Ambient, Experimental
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 114Mb

This compilation features five projects:
Raspad Atoma from Volgograd (Russia),
CrepusculaR from Argentina,
Protuberanzed from Khimki (Russia),
I.M.M.U.R.E. from St. Petersburg (Russia)
and Vlasti Form in collaboration with Raspad Atoma.

Bagryanii Schliach - "Mamai"
Cat.# ... DNA 19
Release Date ... 12.03.2008
Genre ... Drone Ambient
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 90Mb

Cossack Mamai is the meditating Warrior.
Being lost at the boundless ukrainian steppe, he sits drowning at the magic sleep. The Space and the Steppe are contiguous one to another at his consciousness. This tie exists until the Wolf is awoke.
The Wolf is the reverse side of the meditating Warrior. Until then, just as centuries ago, stellar wind blows over the Milky Way and the feather-grass prophecies about the million fates.
The world came to a standstill.
Til’ the Sunrise.

Vorlokh & Ad Serpentae - "Split"
Cat.# ... DNA 18
Release Date ... 10.03.2008
Genre ... Noise
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 74Mb

This split release between Vorlokh and Ad Serpentae consists of abrasive digital noise and ambient-like noise based on guitar feedbacks.

I.M.M.U.R.E. - "Untitled"
Cat.# ... DNA 17
Release Date ... 10.03.2008
Genre ... Ambient, Experimental, Abstract
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 89Mb

This release explores the drone ambient genre. Abstract light melodies and crispy noises are still here, though…

Denis Mati - "Other Side"
Cat.# ... DNA 16
Release Date ... 10.03.2008
Genre ... Ambient, Electronica
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 95Mb

This album consists of rich and dense melodic ambient soundscapes with an addition of light abstract IDM-like beats.
Cover art by Denis Mati.
Booklet included.

Various Artists - "The Fire Within"
Cat.# ... DNA 15
Release Date ... 9.03.2008
Genre ... Ambient, Electronica
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 47Mb

This compilation features four projects:
Denis Mati from Smolensk (Russia),
Leonid M. Zhest’,
and Deltamorphon all from Moscow (Russia).

Rhazos - "Zaratustra And The Neural Beast"
Cat.# ... DNA 14
Release Date ... 8.03.2008
Genre ... Illbient, Experimental
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 145Mb

Style of this album could be described as atonal experimental illbient.
Cover art by Rhazos, improved by 320.

I.M.M.U.R.E. - "Nowhere To Remain EP"
Cat.# ... DNA 13
Release Date ... 8.03.2008
Genre ... Ambient, Experimental, Abstract
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 45Mb
This EP contains two tracks combining unique experimental style of previous release with elements of drone doom genre.

Psy Virus & Controlled Insanity - "Split"
Cat.# ... DNA 12
Release Date ... 8.03.2008
Genre ... Experimental
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 54Mb

This is an experimental split release between Psy Virus from Puschino, Moscow and Controlled Insanity from Moscow (Controlled Insanity part of this split is the remastered version of "Into The Pit EP").

Cya_Night - "Belligerency With The World"
Cat.# ... DNA 11
Release Date ... 5.03.2008
Genre ... Ambient, Noise, Experimental
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 52Mb

This album was recorded in 2006.
It describes cold, dark and aggressive essence of modern megapolis sodden with emanation of human beings' pain, hate, indifference and depression.

Various Artists - "Ruins Of Epsilon Core"
Cat.# ... DNA 10
Release Date ... 16.01.2008
Genre ... Drone Ambient
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 53Mb

This compilation features four projects:
Denis Mati from Smolensk (Russia),
CrepusculaR from Argentina,
Ad Serpentae from Moscow (Russia)
and Bagryanii Schliach from Ukraine.

I.M.M.U.R.E. - "The Empty Room Full Of People"
Cat.# ... DNA 09
Release Date ... 16.01.2008
Genre ... Ambient, Experimental, Abstract
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 81Mb

This release consists of four tracks: crispy noises meet traditional electronica in the light and sharp experimental sound.

Bagryanii Schliach & CrepusculaR - "Split"
Cat.# ... DNA 08
Release Date ... 15.01.2008
Genre ... Ritual Ambient, Noise
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 69Mb

This is split release between Bagryanii Schliach, a dark ambient project from Ukraine and CrepusculaR, an audio project by Angel JL from Republica Argentina.
Both projects present tracks full of ritual dark ambient and abrasive noise.
Cover art by 320.

Abrahaz - "Necrophantasmagoria EP"
Cat.# ... DNA 07
Release Date ... 14.01.2008
Genre ... Dark Ambient, Ritual Ambient
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 47Mb

The style of this release could be described as ritual dark ambient with elements of musique concrete.
Cover art by Zau Rier.

Siegmar Fricke - "Cerebrophonie"
Cat.# ... DNA 06
Release Date ... 13.01.2008
Genre ... Ambient, Experimental, Pharmakustik
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 80Mb

With this work Siegmar Fricke develops his experiments in abstract way using massive tape treatments.
It was resulted in one lengthy track in subtly reverberating musique-concrete style.

Various Artists - "Spiral I"
Cat.# ... DNA 05
Release Date ... 26.12.2007
Genre ... Drone Ambient
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 93Mb
This compilation initially was planned to be released as .NBK Records' sampler "Derived III".
Many different artists took part in this release:
Raspad Atoma from Volgograd, (Russia)
Ad Serpentae,
In Flagrante Delicto,
and t_error 404 - all from Moscow (Russia),
Ices Ov from Zhukovsky, Moscow (Russia),
Bagryanii Schliach from Ukraine
and CrepusculaR from Argentina.
Deep and somewhere glitchy sound reminds vinyl recording.

In Flagrante Delicto - "Untitled"
Cat.# ... DNA 04
Release Date ... 25.12.2007
Genre ... Ambient, Experimental
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 102Mb

This release is a compilation of published and unpublished records that were made in 2005-2007.

CrepusculaR & Vorlokh - "Split"
Cat.# ... DNA 03
Release Date ... 24.12.2007
Genre ... Dark Ambient, Noise
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 67Mb

This split release between argentinian industrial project CrepusculaR and russian drone/noise artist Vorlokh consists of dark noisy soundscapes and bizarre guitar drones.

CrepusculaR & Measureless Painting - "Split"
Cat.# ... DNA 02
Release Date ... 24.12.2007
Genre ... Power Electronics
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 103Mb

This split release consists of abrasive power electronics with lots of spoken word (in Measureless Painting part).

Fosel - "Triangulum"
Cat.# ... DNA 01
Release Date ... 23.12.2007
Genre ... Ambient
Type ... mp3 CBR 320kbps
Size ... 80Mb

This release continues Fosel's experiments in the ambient way.
Full of crispy microsounds, "Triangulum" attracts with it's intelligent sound and composition.

Los artistas de DNA Productions

"Cuando lo superficial me cansa, me cansa tanto, que para descansar necesito un abismo"
Antonio Porchia

Hy que explorar no sólo en la superficie el arte de la música más mítica, no sólo por razones de cansancio y aburrimiento, sino que hay que explorar las partes más subterráneas de los estilos que tanto nos gustan para encontrar en sus proyectos la diversidad y libertad que muchos de los grandes consolidados suelen no tener. También es importante indagar en nuevos proyectos porque los pequeños sellos, como DNA Production, suelen aportar algo más que artistas...promueven visiones distintas y distantes (por la ubicación geográfica) de lo que significa la escena electrónica en sus variantes industriales.

Por esta razón, decidimos apoyar a los sellos pequeños, a los llamados "netlabels", esas pequeñas milicias sonoras que nos presentan música fresca, y que lo hacen en forma desinteresada, sin ánimo de lucro, sólo para abrir un pequeño espacio en la red que nos permita a los seguidores de su música encontrarnos con buenos proyectos y gratas producciones. En este caso, tenemos aun mucha más suerte, puesto que DNA Production es un netlabel que promueve su música en forma gratuita y en descarga directa, con información suficiente de los proyectos y de los lanzamientos de los mismos. No hemos tenido la oportunidad de escuchar a todos los proyectos, los cuales algunos han sido publicados aquí y otros seguramente ustedes los conocerán precisamente por la trascendencia de su música.

¿De dónde surge DNA Production? Surge originalmente como un subsello del ahora extinto sello NBK Records. Las primeras veinte producciones fueron lanzadaso con éxito, pero después DNA desapareció. Recientemente Drohhenton, un miembro de NBK Records, lo revivió y por él ahora podemos hablar de este sello, el cual se enfoca en los estilos Drone, Noise y Ambient.
Aquí les vamos a ofrecer las producciones más recientes de esta nueva etapa y para ello primero comenzaremos con presentar a los artistas que componen DNA Production y el enlace a su sitio para que se informen sobre ellos.

Artistas del sello DNA Production:





Письма с изнанки


Vlasti Form


t_error 404


Siegmar Fricke






Raspad Atoma


Psy Virus






Measureless Painting


Leonid M. Zhest'




In Flagrante Delicto


Ices Ov




Denis Mati







Controlled Insanity


Bagryanii Schliach


Ad Serpentae



Sitio oficial de DNA Production:
Sitio Myspace:

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7 de octubre de 2008

Loneliness Of The Universe Eternal - The Inmost Fragility

Este proyecto es sumamente under, no hay información sobre él y dar con los enlaces es dificilísimo. Lo peor es el adquirir esta producción (desconozco si sea igual de problemático comprar su más reciente álbum) a menos que contacten a V.W. Lustmord vía correo electrónico. Yo ya solicité este larguísimo y sonoramente tortuoso disco lleno de soundscapes que van desde lo espacial hasta lo más abismal. Los dos tracks que lo conforman The Inmost Fragility son una auténtica mala pasada para quienes no están acostumbrados a este tipo de música, pero como de antemano confío en el oído y la paciencia (pero sobre todo a la curiosidad y apertura mental) de las personas que nos honran con su visita, entonces me limitaré a decir que el disco es 100% independiente, mérito para el proyecto, puesto que hacer Dark Ambient de esta manufactura sin buscar la gloria o el fichaje por la CMI es un indicio de amor por el arte.

Tengo que reconocer que el disco es sumamente difícil de abordar sin intentar escapar del abismo al que conduce al oyente, pero considero que debemos dar una oportunidad a nuevas propuestas, más si vienen desde el limbo. Ojalá les gusta y puedan adquirirlo, cuesta solamente 7 euros.

Proyecto: Loneliness Of The Universe Eternal
Álbum: The Inmost Fragility
Lanzamiento: 2007
1. Dreams of the Universe (49:50)
2. Praeludium to Majestic Collapse (24:17)
País: Inglaterra
Sello: Lirexilium
Estilo: Dark ambient, Isolationism, Drone

Sitio Oficial
Sitio del Sello